Reclaiming the Words of Humanity

Words and my use of them

There are many words which have been ruined and spoiled by misuse. By the priests and the ignorant. They have been co-opted by the so-called religious for their own agendas, they have been overly sensationalized and trivialized by the New-Agers, and they have been dissected and left to wither by the minds of the philosophers.

Beautiful and meaningful words which represent the very essence and gold of the human experience have been rotting in the graves of those who speak without knowing, those who speak with the distortion of ignorance with it’s inevitable shadows of hate, fear, control.  These poor people have created doctrines, dogmas, creeds, cults… because they get stuck on the word and miss the reality, they fixate on the shell and miss the treasure inside.

And now we are at the point in human history where they can be reclaimed and transformed.

The divine, God, truth, bliss, prayer, meditation, religion, spirit, love, truth, the sacred, purity….

These are loaded words, and people react against them when they are used because they have a wrong understanding of the term. They hear the word “God” and it brings up bad associations with their religious upbringing, with all the people who have used that word without knowing even the smallest part of its significance.

Just because the God of the priests is utterly false and man-made, that does not mean that there is not some reality which may be called God. Those who deny God are really denying their conditioning, they are bitter over the lies they have been told in the past and about the evil things that have been done in the name of God.

It is like someone tells you that an orange tastes good and you believe them but never try an orange, or you disbelieve them and say that oranges taste bad, or you rebel and insist that orange’s don’t even exist.  The important thing is not to believe or to disbelieve, but to experience the taste of the orange for yourself!  You then become the proof of the reality and deliciousness of the orange.  The same goes for these words which have become taboo on the earth today.  Dive deep into these words, discover the dimension which they reveal.
In Zen they talk of trying to get someone to see the moon by pointing at it, but not to get stuck on looking at the finger. Words are these fingers pointing at the moon. Penetrate the word to the experience which gives it birth

I am using these words because they are powerful words, because they are beautiful. Not the words themselves, but what they point to, the reality they represent.

We must all have a sense of the poetic, the metaphorical. These words are not literal words like chair, cup, or house. These words require you to be fluid and in tune with the magical, the mysterious – that which is beyond the realm of material time and space. They invite you to grow in your intelligence and sensitivity so that you can rise up into the sphere to which they are born from and point to.

These words are yours, they are mine, they are ours, they are the heritage and wealth of humanity. These words are the richness of the human experience, the very gold of our language.

There are two ways to react to these charged words:
You can refuse to use these words because of the meanings and associations and baggage that they carry with them. Jiddu Krishnamurti did this, but his teaching has no poetry, it is pure negation.
Or you can reclaim them, use them with purpose and sensitivity. Re-invigorate them, reclaim them as the wealth and heritage of humanity. Blow off all the dust of centuries and reveal them in their inherent splendor.

It is really a question of whether you will let the ignorance of others ruin your experience. Whether you will allow a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch,and if you will pander to the lowest common denominator.  Whether you assume that those to whom you are speaking to are helpless fools or whether you trust that it is infinitely better to be open and honest, and know that in them they have the seed of wisdom and the soul of a poet.
“I must state clearly that my teaching is a method to experience reality and not reality itself, just as a finger pointing at the moon is not the moon itself. A thinking person makes use of the finger to see the moon. A person who only looks at the finger and mistakes it for the moon will never see the real moon.” – Buddha

I will explain the words directly and indirectly. I will use them in many contexts and in many ways – I will not rigidly define them, but over time taken together as a whole, the fragrance, the essential meaning of the word may impart itself to you. Not that you can say it, but you will know it… you will experience it.

We must do this so that when you hear the word God a window is opened to the infinite, to the inconceivable and the mysterious. So that the very word becomes a meditation and a depth charge into your being. The Sufi’s have 99 names of God. This is how vast and all encompassing this reality is.  And they have 99 because the 100th is the nameless name.

And so I talk of divinity,  so that you may rediscover the reality to which that word points and therefore understand that the divine is not something separate from life. That your very body is divine, that there is nothing which is not permeated by the perfume of divinity.

And so I use the word prayer to impart a sense of the deep significance of what that word points to, you get the true fragrance of the open-hearted surrender, gratitude and love for existence itself.

I am giving love, care and new life to these orphaned words without a home.

I am reclaiming the riches of humanity… single-handedly if I must.

What do you think?

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