The Three Questions

Chaplin E

The three most important questions
The only questions

1. Who am I!?
2. Where am I going?
3. Where did I come from?

The three are really one question, the second two are contained in the first
The question of questions
The question which unlocks all the doors to the other questions
The question which dissolves all questions as well as the questioner


Where did I come from?
Before birth, where was I? Was I?
How could I not be, and now Be?
What was I before my mother was born?
Why was I born? What urge is behind this existence?
Why am I here? Did the stars conspire to bring me here and now? Or did I conspire and the stars in their orbits did my bidding?
For how many lives have I lived? How many deaths have I died?
Through how many innumerable years have I traveled?
Through what dark hallways have I ceaselessly wandered?

Where am I going?
Where am I headed? Do I know where I am headed or am I blown about by the winds of circumstance? Is my life accidental?
What am I living for? What will I die for?
What is my goal, my purpose, my reason for being?
Why do I rise out of bed in the morning, what is on my mind and in my heart as I lie down to sleep?

What am I seeking? What am I longing for?
What one desire lies beneath all desires? Is there any desire to be found at your center?
Is there any where I want to arrive at? If I arrive where I want to be, then what?  Or is the adventure itself the goal.
What is my quest? Is there a holy grail at the end of my quest?
What is my destiny? Is this destiny ruled by my will or thy will?

What happens to me upon death? Will I cease?
Will I experience annihilation, and if so who knows this?
What can I be robbed of? What do I have that is not mine?
Where can I go?

Who am I?
Who or what am I? Before birth, after death, beyond name & form?
Who looks out of these eyes? Who hears with these ears?
Who says words with my mouth?
When I am not thinking, not doing – what am I?
When I am deeply and dreamlessly asleep – am I?
When my only presence is my absence
Who am I NOW?


What do you think?

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