I. There is one God, one Truth, one Reality
The transcendent ground of being,
All is in God and God is in All. God is that which IS

II. There is one Religion
There are not hundreds of Religions on the Earth. Religion is the linking back of the individual with the whole.  It is the Quest of the total human being to come to the center of his being, and therefore the essence of existence.
To discover that which is Real & True. That which is deathless, eternal, infinite, sacred, whole.
To live the question “Who am I!?”, to become the question and eventually for the question and the questioner to dissolve….experience the to become the truth. I AM

III. There is one Holy Book
The story of our life as it unfolds as the book of life and nature.
Our life reveals our character and presents us with the exact lesson we need to grow. Life lived with awareness, one learns from every experience and every person.  If we learn the lesson complete we are ready to graduate, transcend.

IV. There is one Master
One guide, one guru, one teacher.
The inner voice of silence and wisdom. Nothing new needs to be learned, only ignorance and darkness needs to be dispelled.   Within each person is the Christ-Consciusness, their Buddha-nature, The source of all wisdom, all knowing. This principle also resides as the core of all things and all beings.

V. There is one Law
The law of love.
The law of the interrelatedness of all. That nothing is accidental, foreign,
That you reap that which you sow

VI. There is one Mythos
One universal story, one song. That of the journey from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from ignorance to awareness, from poverty to glory.  The drama of life played out in a million lives in a million ways, yet always the same trajectory ending in coming home victorious.

VII. There is one Quest
The individual’s journey towards fulfimment of their birthright, their inner purpose.
The Individuals adventure for the consumation of their uniqueness.  The discovery and forging of the diamond in the heart.

VIII. There is one Goal
One destiny – returning home with the treasure, returning to the origin, the source; with self-awareness, with transcendence. To return and redeem.

IX. There is one Desire
The urge of the universe to be conscious of itself.  The longing for an intimacy with existence.

X. There is one Death
The death of that which was unreal, the illusury, the temporary.  The ending of time and mind.


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