Catalysts of Change

There are three fundamental ways of radically changing.
Of being transformed, of undergoing a radical revolution in ones life, in ones consciousness, in ones trajectory in life.

They are: The way of shock, the way of love, and the way of awareness.

Ordinarily what really matters is obscured by the thousand and one things in our lives which are ultimately meaningless and transient.
Distractions by which we miss the true treasure.
Man lives and dies without ever becoming crystalized, without ever becoming total in anything,
Without ever being fully awake as to who or what he is and what he is doing.

We can continue to float through life without a direction, without any purpose;
or we can come to a full stop and not move again until clarity and a direction is established
We can wait for life to manifest a tragedy in order to shake us out of our sleep,
or we can, with intelligence and maturity, take responsibility for our own being, our own destiny.


  • A near death experience
  • A new environment
  • Death in any form – losing security, losing comfort, losing that which you cling to


  • Devotion – falling in love with something, something greater than you
  • Someone loves you unconditionally – love transforms the object of love(and the subject)
  • You realize the emptiness of your heart – your greediness, miserliness,
  • Coming into contact with the simple devotion to that which is True and Beautiful


  • Intelligence, Clear seeing, discerning between the true and the false.
  • Stopping the momentum, stepping out of the stream, the dream, the film reel
  • Coming to a point of awareness, where one sees that they have been asleep.
  • An utter dissatisfaction with dissatisfaction
  • A longing for integrity, for wholeness

Will you wait for death to get serious?

What do you think?

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